I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I am a lawyer from Toronto, in NYC for the next six months to study art. I am clean, tidy, and quiet, but also friendly and gregarious. I have a girlfriend, and I spend a lot of time out of the apartment, however I am happy to share meals and otherwise build relationships with the people I live with.
Hi, I'm Kayla! I am graduating in December from Kent State University and am moving to the NYC area. I have a secured full time job as an Assistant Buyer in Midtown. I lived in New York over the summer and fell in love with the city. I am looking for roommates who enjoy watching movies and drinking wine and going out occasionally. I'm pretty laid back, sometimes I like to just coop up in my roo...
Hi! My name is Jasmine. I'm a 19 year old student studying to become a personal trainer for a job opportunity in New York. I'm super chill and friendly, I meet my end with cleaning tasks and always pay the rent on time. I'm also a social butterfly so you won't catch me bumming out all day in the apartment. I'm looking for roommates that would potentially become friends of mine. I'm not looking ...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. Looking to move to New York City to go to school. I am a licensed cosmetologist and am currently waxing at a European wax center. I am studying to get my bachelors in business! I have lived with roommates since I moved out when I was 18.
-Pixar fanatic -Quirk and introverted -Outdoorsy
I work in recruitment and tend to stay fairly late at work or am usually at my boyfriends apartment. But when I am home, I am very friendly, clean and easy to get along with. Thank you! Ari
Hi! I m 21 and currently an undergraduate music therapy student. By the time I move in, I ll have a degree and a job! Would love a friendly, independent and fun-loving person to share a place with. I would describe myself as easy going, fun, and respectful. I love to laugh and have fun but I do value quiet time to myself. I d say I m split down the middle half party person, half stay in and rea...
I'm looking for a room or a roommate, Read more about me on Diggz
I m planning on a 6 month stay in New York City, and I would love to have a quiet space to come home to while I m there. I m into healthy meals, a well-balanced life, and the arts. I love meeting people from all over the world, and I hope to have roommates who are accepting of other people too.
I am just moving back to NYC after being out on the west coast for about five years. I am looking for a roommate in a great NYC apartment! I am friendly, quiet, and prefer to keep everything clean. I will generally be working during the week, and generally pretty healthy (non-smoker, no drugs, occasional social drinks). Always down to watch an NBA game or have a great conversation as well.
Hi! I m Emma! I'm really bad at describing myself but here it goes... I am an aspiring journalist and photographer. I enjoy learning new things and am a huge fangirl when it comes to music, movies, and books. I m an ambivert and will enjoy getting to meet you or if needed give you your space! Don t be too concerned if my room gets a little messy I ll clean it eventually (says every person ever!...
Hi! My name is Dansen. I am a Seattle/PNW native looking to venture out of my comfort zone to NYC. I currently work in events and am looking to pursue music production once I have boots on the ground in New York. I am a busy bee but love my wine&couch nights. I have a dog and a cat - both precious angels. I'm clean, but not a neat freak. I'm very sociable, super into art, photography, fashion a...
Moving to NYC after graduate school, looking for a roommate!
Looking to move as soon as possible. I have a small dog (12 lbs)
I am a 30 year old grad student studying education. I like to cook, dance, read books and watch lots and lots of youtube videos. I am sociable and private at the same time. Right now I work in retail part time but have a few interviews at preschools and pre-kindergarten programs lined up(crossing my fingers hoping to get one of those jobs).Looking to move out of my parents place and be on my ow...
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